Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A grand day out

Morgan took his owners to the Kennel Clubs Bernese Mountain dog day to show them how big he will get, what hobbies he would like to take up and how well behaved Bernese Mountain Dog Owners en masse.
Morgan, Reuben's "little" brother is showing all the signs of being a fantastic example of the breed, we shall have to keep in touch with Wanda and make sure we don't enter the same shows!
The carts look splendid, and the barding or coats are a new item to us so thanks for the pic.
Morgans signed up for cart classes. One of ours, Spotty is being measured for a dog rig, having met up with the England champion musher I was able to pick his brains about the kit needed, the training necessary and the amount of time I could expect to spend in casualty while dog and rig continued over hills and far away.
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