Thursday, 30 June 2011

Scores on the doors!

Its weigh day for the Fab Four and bets were laid, the results verified and there are surprises in store!

Trojan, the monster pup at birth, hes a quiet sensitive soul, he is now an impressive 4 pound 4 ounces.

Ringo, a thinker (like Spotty!) muscles in at 4 pound 12 ounces.

Snuffie, a feisty one (code for annoying!) an incredible 5 pound.

But the winner this week for overall weight gain is Ikkle, the second born and tiniest pup who weighed a mere 12 ounces 21 days ago is now a massive sumo wrestler of a pup at 4 pound 8 ounces! That's a gain of 3 and a half ounces a day since last week! Pictured above in one of her quieter moments she is the choir mistress of the group, leading the Bernese dawn chorus to welcome the day. She is going to be a real Diva. Lookout Leanne and all at Nunnery Farm!
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New sense of direction!

Ringo trying to walk through the wall! All pups are doing well, they are chomping their way through scrambled eggs several times a day. Prospective owners can come and visit soon, watch your email boxes for details!
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Long stretch

Trojan stretching out after some Zzzzzzz's
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Ying and Yang

Snuffie and Ikkle head to head
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Training Day

Considering its the first outing with his panniers Spotty took to them like a duck to water (he normally takes to things like a fish riding a bike) and as long as he has his security timber hes a very brave Berner.

He is a bit of a doofus dog, taking off after a rabbit, a big no no when we are "working" so I hid in the bracken. I heard him thunder along the track looking for me, and back again, ha, he was learning a good lesson here, he thundered back again and all was very quiet. Too quiet. After 10 minutes of too quietness I gave the Berner Holler that summons the Dolyhir Clan. Nothing stirred. So I set off back along sheepskull lane where I met wonderdog charging towards me, he having retraced his steps all the way back to where he had last seen me.

The panniers are empty at the moment while he gets used to them. Eventually they will be packed with essentials like gin and tonic and other first aid items. We were sent an email asking if the packs slowed him up. Look at the video below. I don't think he noticed them too much!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

There I was.....

...digging this hole, a hole in the ground, sort of big.... really big...and annoying... but hows a dog supposed to keep cool?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Time for a Bud Bud

Buddy with his beer of choice

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Berner Bush

Reba having a quiet five minutes in the garden with her favourite shrub!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


A frequently asked question, are Bernese Mountain Dogs good with kids? Well we think so. Do BMD's make good house dogs? Pretty much. Our 6 and foster Berner put together don't cause half the trouble our Gordon Setter used to when in the house. Do BMD's need a lot of exercise? Not really, they do like a run about but mostly they like to be with their owner. And sleep. They like to sleep. Lots.
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Lap Dog

So there I was minding my own business

when WooZah decided that my lap was big enough

to sit on as she is only a puppy.

In her head.
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Reba is a great mum. Dedicated to her pups.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Monster Paws!

Ikkle above and Ringo below showing their monster paws.

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You cant see me .....


Aunt Montana having a sulk over the lack of Bonios.
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You can't see me...


Reuben in his own little world.
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Food fight!

There are four, really there are!
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Going large!

Weigh day, day 14, Trojan weighs in at 3 pound 4 ounces.
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Big Lad!

A contender for the crown! Ringo a mighty 3 pound 8 ounces! Not the heaviest! 14 days old!
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The most active!

Ikkle, quick off the mark and weighing in at 3 pound!
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The winner is!

Snuffie, a big girl at 3 pound 12 ounces!
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Thirteen days old and already super sized. Weigh day tomorrow. We think Snuffie might be the heaviest. Good news for Trojan fans, his forever owners have been contacted and it looks like he's heading up North.
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Super Dad!

Rocky has now fathered six litters

making him Dad to 31 puppies

making him a super Dad!
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Reba showing her flexibility and capacity to snooze
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One to go

Three of the Fab Four have now got approved homes, we are certain that Trojan will be found a forever home soon. Prospective owners can expect regular picture updates and video clips. Visits start in a couple of weeks. Patience! Its not long!
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Sunday, 19 June 2011