Saturday, 31 August 2013

Paws off!

 The Heli Crew and Reservoir pups have been enjoying the great outdoors for the first time today and some al fresco dining.
As ever they have been under the watchful eyes of their
 mothers who are not averse to piling in and helping them-self to their dinners.
Speed eating Berner style!

See how they grow!

Compare the size of this pup having a bath to the size they were 7 days ago in the same sink! This is Ms Turquoise being got ready for today's visitors to Rock HQ.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Bear hugs

Reuben is a big dog who likes to give his owner and visitors hugs. Visitors beware!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Big Wuus!

Excuse layout gremloids have infected the matrix, normal service will be resumed. Perhaps.
Reuben, father of the Berner Tsunami to hit Rock HQ is scared of his own pups and hides on the sofa, hes a big wuus! Scores on the doors or weigh day results Reservoir pupsMs Pink 6 pound 6 oz gain 1 pound 3 oz Ms Red 7 pound 12 oz gain 2 pound 4 oz (biggest weekly weight gain!) Ms Yellow 7 pound gain 1 pound 12 oz Mr Blue 7 pound gain 1 pound 10 oz Ms Odage (Orange) 7 pound gain 1 pound 10 oz Ms White 7 pound 8 oz gain 1 pound 12 oz Mr Green 7 pound 14 oz gain 2 pound The Heli Crew plus two Mr Black 7 pound 8 oz gain 2 pound (foster pup) Ms Turquoise 8 pound gain 1 pound 8 oz (biffer!) Ms Belle 7 pound gain of 2 pound Ms Fairey 6 pound gain of 1 pound 8 oz Ms Puma 6 pound gain 1 pound 8 oz Mr Chinook 7 pound 8 oz gain 1 pound 8 oz Mr Merlin 4 pound 8 oz gain of 1 pound

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Heli crew

Mr Merlin

Back to Black

 Mr Black, or soon to be Baloo in standard pose, snoozing
 Oh! Camera! Mr Black and little Merly Merlington strike an attentive pose
 One for the new owners scrap book!
Thats it, done for the day Zzzzzzzzzzzz

On a mission

 Ms Turquoise, the biggest of both litters, a Heli Crew foster pup is on a mission
 theres something close by that she wants
 now where is it?
 Aha! Found it
Mission success. No wonder she's the biggest!


Elf seeking sanctuary from the Heli Crew plus two

Crash positions!

 a very
very big breakfast.

Dolyhir Welsh Poppy or Ms Yellow

 Ms Yellow snoozing
 then trying the sofa
for size. Sofa training is essential for Dolyhir Berners.

Bella Belle

 looking cute
then joining the breakfast cacophony!

Air raid warning

 Ms Puma
 winding up the siren
and letting the world know its breakfast time!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What Peacock?

Bliss trying to master the innocent expression and failing big time!

Make them stop!

The teeth I can cope with, feeding them non stop I can cope with, cleaning them I can cope with, but the noise! Please....make them stop! Sorry Bliss, they dont make ear defenders your size!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Peak baggers

 Rippers and Rocky bagged the Bonsai Mountain again this evening
 here they are grabbing a quick breather before the
downhill section

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Thats entertainment!

 Much of the day at Rock HQ has been spent in a highly entertaining way talking Berners with potential owners
 who were faced with the unenviable task
 of choosing one
puppy from 14!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Heli Crew

 Mr Chinook
 Ms Puma
Ms Belle, Mr Merlin, Ms Fairey (corner) Mr Chinook and flat out Mr Black, who will be called Baloo from now on.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tough choices

 Potential owners are descending on Rock HQ this weekend to see the pups and
 choose one.
Tough choices ahead!