Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Forewarned is forearmed

Thanks t JesseJ's mum in the USA we were forewarned that Bear would look like this on return from his 6 million dollar operation (we can rebuild him) I was expecting a small 2 inch wound and hardly any fur missing, instead the poor lads mega shaved and the wound is 6 inches. He is understandably groggy, but quite perky, but if the Tromadol has the same effect on a dogs brain as it did on mine then he will be hallucinating big time, lets hope the one with the bananas falling down the walls into the sea of spiders is one he avoids. Other advice from JesseJ USA was to avoid slippy floors and movement. Rock HQ has nothing but slippy floors and Bear insisted on moving, I only just caught him as he tried to jump out of Miranda. Its going to be a long recovery!


  1. oh much love and hugs from across the pond to my sweet Bear, we have you in our thoughts and i know jessej is up the etheral playground sending you dreams of chasing bunnies...or foxes and sheep. hugs, M

  2. Mend well big Bear, and remember your pack leaders are ALWAYS right, even if you dont think so at the time!
    I hated my crate rest when I broke my leg at 4 months but now I'm a super fit agility dog!