Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Christmas Wish

Firstly, thank you to all who have sent updates and Christmas pics of the clan members, they will be posted soon but time has been spent in a right drama looking for Tasha who objected to being stepped on by a pony and instead of running 100 yards to cottage, ran off into the darkness risking life and limb. After much searching it became too dangerous to clamber over the bonsai mountain in the dark and at 1 a.m. we had to leave her to fend for herself overnight.
First light saw several searches of the smallholding, then wider area and the Bonsai Mountain. Twice on foot, once on horseback. Given the size of the area needed to be covered we needed help and that's where friends and neighbors came in.
Elf, Tasha's step mum spent the whole morning searching with me but there was only so much we could do. The local Hunt were meeting at a local hotel so we called the master of the hunt and asked them to keep a look out. They did more than that, they announced to all at the meet that there was a missing pup on the mountain and by late lunch time as I was placing posters on strategic routes into the mountain and woodland Super Grandma who had been visiting for Christmas drove past me on the way home and alerted me to the fact that some walkers had spoken to her and had seen Tasha a few minutes earlier a mile away. Miranda was persuaded to go up the mountainside and within a few minutes I was shouting at a man on a horse high on a hill if there was any news. Yes, lots, two more members of the hunt were around the crest of the hill watching Tasha for me, they had got her in sight for some time and had phoned our house but me being organised had left the cottage without my phone.
As soon as it takes a fat bloke to "run" up a mountain I was with the riders who asked if I was looking for a massive black dog. Sort of. Anyway they led me along the trail to where she was sat on a the remains of a stone wall, clearly terrified. So much so that when I approached she took off over the fields and into the local forestry. Or at least she tried. Thankfully the bit she chose had extra good fences and she was cornered, until I got to her. Clearly not happy after her ordeal she let me know by barking like a maniac and cowering and it took several minutes of calm talking beofre she suddenly realised she was not in trouble and safe. Then the tail wagging and hugs started. Lead firmly attached we walked back across the fields and rejoined the mountain where we met up with several members of the hunt who were clearly happy to have helped, Tasha also met several dozen fox hounds who were exceptionally polite and well behaved. In all without their practical help and careful eye we would still be looking for Tasha. So a big thank you.
An equally big thank you to the Great Northern Clan members, the Richardsons who in a modern version of the 101 Dalmatians great bark passed on the details of our drama to BMDCGB, facebook, twitter, the RSPCA and others which was a great help and comfort especially on the 3rd search of the mountain that morning. So thanks to all who joined the electronic search, those tat texted or tweeted helpful advice or supportive comments, thanks to Leanne Marsden for alerting the Welsh Berner Club. We were left in no doubt that if we didn't find her, when she was found we would know! So thanks to you all its a happy tale.
This is she after her Christmas dinner, snoozing and content.


  1. Phew!!! So glad she was found, those Huntsmen came in useful. Sorry we couldn't do anything to help, mummy was at work all day & only found out tonight & she had already been found.

  2. So glad she was found!