Monday, 29 September 2014

Not looking good

This is Bear, hes not very well poor lad. Regular readers may remember he had a crash with Reuben resulting in a bust crutia ligament and an operation to rebuild him. He has never regained proper use fo the leg but manages to rob food off the dining table still so cant be that bad. Basically the front end does not look like it belongs to the back end, front being all muscle and the back wasting away. But this year he has lost at least a third of his weight, but then regained most of it and yesterday he could not walk. He's still happy and waggy but clearly ill. V E T is having him it tomorrow for scans, xrays and bloods. Fingers crossed its something simple and treatable!


  1. oh no!! keep us informed please- Bear my loving and healing vibes to you big guy.

  2. Keep us informed, we will be thinking of him!!

  3. See for an update

    or facebook Trevor Shetland :)