Thursday, 23 October 2014

Over the rainbow

Those who follow Trevor Shetland on facebook will already know, Chester the handsome Berner front of picture died yesterday aged 8 years old. Chester was Rocky's litter brother and a great big soppy dope, like Rocky. Both pictured here at the first annual Dolyhir Bernese Mountain Dog Treasure Hunt.
Lucy, their mum died aged 10 just before Christmas 2013 and now Chester has crossed the rainbow bridge to join her and Aunt Montana and his nephew Biffer.
As you can see he was a superb Berner, as they all are, and our thoughts are with Amanda and family for their loss. Amanda was kind enough to change our lives way back in 2006 by selling us Rocky and we have been friends ever since. Its such a shame that such lovely dogs have such a short life span. A day with a Berner is a day well spent. Give yours a huge hug right now and thank them for all the joy they bring.