Monday, 4 October 2010

Clever girl!

This is Lucy, in a pic taken what seems like such a long time ago, pre helipad. Anyway nine weeks ago, there or thereabouts, shes on a lead as we were getting to know her, soon she was off just the rest of the clan, theres Auntie Montana in the background, then HPD, or Harvey Puppy Dog who was here on his hols, and right at the back looking very pleased with himself is the Rockmeister himself, Rocky, our top male Berner. Top as he has sired three litters. That's right, Lucy has given birth to six very healthy pups this morning, the wait is over for Gina her owner and her family. They now have four male pups and two females, all a healthy weight and more than likely destined to stay with Gina as they have all chosen a favourite to keep and as she has five children there are only just enough pups to go around! Gina's email is down at the moment but as soon as the little gremlins are chased out of the system and photos of the pups arrive you can rest assured they will be published here!
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