Saturday, 16 October 2010

Roll call

Now and then we try and get a group photo, with mixed success. So back row, left to right is Spotty, Reba, Bliss, WooZah, Aunty Montana, front row Reuben and Rocky. The blond blob is Poppy.
Second later, left to right, back two WooZah and Aunty Montana, middle three Reba, Bliss and Rocky, front two Spotty and Reuben front centre. Blond trying to get in pic is Poppy.
Nearly got them all, same order as above with Poppy in shot, Reuben aged 5 months towering over her!
Boredom sets in, so then there were 6, back three left to right Reba, WooZah and Aunty Montana, front three Spotty, Bliss and Rocky.
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