Sunday, 6 October 2013

Clan update

 The newest clan members all seem to have pretty similar hobbies even though they are miles apart, heres Bear (Ms Pink) having five minute peace.
 Belle does the usual, gardening in between meals,
 sleeping in between meals and
 looking cute between meals.
 Mr Bo Jangles (Mr Blue) enjoys gardening and has adopted a stone tortoise.
 Bruno (Mr Chinook) is taking over the house and moving it bit by bit into his bed.
 Misha (Ms White) has a lot of laughs with her partner in crime Gandalf.
While Oscar (Mr Green) enjoys all of the above and bird bath balancing. Oscar has also done another first and gained a nick name, all Berner's have them, Reuben the dad of these lovely pups is Reuben, Reubs, Boo, BooBoo, BooBooBear and Oiyaclumsygreatgit depending on what he is doing and what mood his owner is in. Anyway, Oscar has a nickname, Oscamps.

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