Thursday, 16 January 2014

Meet Dyson

 Here is Oscar, formerly Mr Green from the reservoir pups, a mighty handsome boy who is affectionately know by his family as Oscamps. All Berners have nicknames, Oscamps is earning the name Dyson at the moment due to his antics that include an ability to reach every worksurface in the kitchen so reaching his treat box which he promptly destroyed, burst and aerosol can of squirty cheese, shredded a roll of pooh sacks, ate a dishcloth, thankfully puked and pooped that out, opened a tin of dog food and licked out nearly all the contents before chewing the tin and has broken out in a tight perm of curls along his back. He is an adorable funny and full of beans dog and his family love him to bits. Even when he has trashed the kitchen.  
And lets face it whats not to love? Hes gorgeous!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, he sounds just like the Goblin. Mummy has lost count of all the things she's eaten or chewed up, although she remembers the camera as she now doesn't have one.
    Mummy says it's a good job that she loves us & I say the same thing for Oscar.