Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Not a Berner thing

This is Preston, unlike a Berner, a dog blessed with a longevity gene, aged 23. He crossed the rainbow bridge today, his swan song was to wake the household at 3.30 am to let us know he was hanging on in there, he refused breakfast and died this afternoon on my coat in his bed. Its almost impossible to be sad about this, he lived a fantastic life, loved the outdoors, hated rides in the back of the air-portable  Land Rover we used to take him to the common in before he came with us to HQ 7 years ago. A unique dog, we will miss him and loved sharing our lives with him (sometimes our food when we weren't paying attention) so we say farewell to a very funny old dog.


  1. He sounds like such a character!!

  2. love sent to your family - BRAVO sent to a remarkable little guy- you will be remembered. good job Preston, very good job. M

  3. Can't believe Preston has passed over, it seemed like he was going to last forever... at least he'll be with his pals running free (although I think he managed that in life too) If only we could all live such long full lives! Woofs