Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy Birthday Class of 2009

 A timely reminder from Mel, Harvey Puppy Dogs (HPD) owner that its the class of 2009's birthday today. Time flies, heres HPD with Stretch his rubber chicken
 and here he is now looking like Bon Jovi.
 HPD is a fab boy, he loves his mum, cuddles, chasing rabbits, joggers and sitting on peoples laps.
Here he is looking just like his dad, Rocky. Hopefully HPD wikk make an appearance at the Treasure Hunt and Pig Roast the second sunday in June.

Happy Birthday to all of the class of 2009, Bliss, Woozah, Spotty, Bear, Fizz, HPD, Nala and Brooke.
Rocky and Reba send their love and we are so pleased with the way you have turned out. Thanks to all the owners who keep us updated as to our pups adventures.

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