Monday, 3 March 2014

Nature vs Nurture

We are very careful about where our pups go to be with forever families. We have to be sure that the young clan members go to home where they will be well looked after, loved and cherished. Sometimes our families circumstances change, which is why we make any one who takes on a Dolyhir Berner, sign a legally binding contract that ensures that should they find that they are unable to care for their dog the dog is returned to us. The dog is gifted back, so no refund is given as the money received for the dog is used to pay for its life with us. We never rehome a dog, our view is that one move is enough, another move is too traumatic. Bear was returned after 3.5 years after a life change for his family, Ritchie, above after 11 days. Bear was well looked after but events overtook his family, Ritchie was not so lucky and got blamed for being a puppy. Bear rocks about HQ and has claimed the upstairs landing as his own den, Ritchie is growing up with his step sister Tasha and has got over his 14 day break from HQ (It took us three days to get to him due to family illness but some other clan members came to his aid) and spends most of his day with the youngest human at HQ.

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