Sunday, 18 May 2014

BBMC 2014 or how to manage 30 miles in 23 degree heat

 Getting in the zone. We have a long day ahead.
 Pose at first summit, all height gained will now be lost in descent to valley floor and ascent the other side.
 Thats where we are going! Its a long way!
 Now over there is a clear cool flowing river
 while here we have putrid chest deep mud. I'll stick to mud hahahhahahhaha
 More mud, dive in lads its great!
 If I look appealing he's bound to chuck me a sandwich.
 Three miles or so of climb to the end of this valley, just about enough time to drink this pool dry.
 Are frogs edible?
 Once this pictures taken I'm having that sandwich!
 Looking back, its a long way, 20 down 10 to go.
 Awww this is vintage stuff!
 Yeah you check out the horizon, we walked from there, me, I've got this stagnant pool to sit in.
Quick take the photo this tent is full of cake!

BBMC 2014 Spotty smashed it again! Roll on 2015!

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