Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wrong file

Today was supposed to be the day where you got to see the posters for the 3rd Annual Dolyhir Bernese Mountain Dog Treasure Hunt but as I am a doofus and saved it in the wrong format I cant show you the exciting developments, the itinerary for the dog show, the competition list or the addres to go to and get your share of prime roast pork. Bear with, it will appear tomorrow. Meantime heres a picture
of one of the clan who will be here to greet you. Ritchie Ritcherton, sloppy sitter! Wont win any prizes like that my lad!


  1. Grumble, growl... I don't work weekends :-)
    however only just found out, a server install means I have to work 1 weekend in June - now guess which one?!
    :-( Very disappointed we are going to miss it again, and I'd even asked about borrowing some agility equipment... Maybe next year! HUMPH
    Cadbury and Maverick aren't impressed either they were looking forward to a weekend holiday...

  2. Oh no!!! We were looking forward to meeting you too! Defo bring agility equipment next year or tell us whats needed and we will build it, Spotty would relish the challenge!!!