Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rocky's grand day out

There are times we venture out from Rock HQ and the shadow of the Bonsai Mountian, and today was one of those when we took Rocky to Stoneleigh where the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain had a bit of a do. We would have taken more of the Dolyhir Clan, Reuben especially, but he decided, ten minutes before departure, that knee deep mud was the best place to be. So the scruffy herbert was left behind to ponder what might have been and Rocky represented the clan splendidly in his bespoke neckerchief made by super Grandma.

We met some old friends, Biffer was there with his family and he gave us a lovely welcome. We are so lucky that the majority of families who have had Dolyhir pups keep in touch with the clan.

We also met Tia and her family, Tia is a pup from Rocky and Molly, her owner also has Merlin, handsome lad on right and Freya, the shy one behind Rocky.

Heres Tia and Merlin, Tia is a very brave pup after a horrendous accident with a deck chair damaged her left eye. She's a lovely girl.

I was quite taken with the idea of carting, but most of the carts looked a but sad, faded plastic flowers and the like. I was mightily impressed with this one though as it had a certain practical appeal. In all a good day out, thanks to the BMDCGB for putting it on, thanks to all those who stopped and chatted to us and Rocky, big thanks to Biffer and Tia's family for letting us fuss their wonderful dogs and we look forward to going next year. Let hope next year theres more signage to find the place and as a final point why wasnt anyone selling Berne flags?!!!
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  2. Sorry - my spelling is rubbish!

    Wish I'd known you were there I would have come and said hello! Glad you had a good day though and as for the flags - we can't get decent ones for love nor money!

    Lianne Marsden
    Membership Sec
    BMDC of GB