Saturday, 10 September 2011

There can be only one!

Somehow mission impossible was achieved and after 6 hours grooming and an hour in the bath the two contenders for the top dog crown at Rock HQ, Rocky, sitting and Reuben, not sitting, were wrestled into the 4x4 (see to see how that went) and delivered to the show ring clean and tidy.

The boys were entered in the same class, shame, so Reuben had high hopes of knocking Rocky from top dog slot. As Reuben was the new boy I showed him, and he did really well, he managed the whole show without incident and by shows end was trying to say hello to everyone rather than hide behind me. However, there can be only one top dog.

Which was Rocky, he won his class, then best of breed and a credible third in the working group class. Reuben got a second, and the feedback from the Judge was that when he calms down enough to be judged properly he has excellent potential. So Rocky maintains his place as number one in the Dolyhir clan, top dog and top stud, so anyone wanting a really good dog for their lady Berner, we have a choice of three, but Rocky is number one.

He was very tired after the show, very pleased with himself too.

He didn't show off too much!


  1. Congrats to you and the the bag!!!!
    From Nikki and Glenn

    Excellent work DAD!!!!
    from Budz

  2. Well done daddy. I have 3 firsts now but not a best in breed, so I need to catch up.