Monday, 4 November 2013

A letter from Luna

Hi All, The weeks are flying by and I have been so busy. I go to puppy classes where I have learnt to do lots of things, sit, down and leave. I'm not too good at the sit and stay bit, I don't want to leave their side. I heard that is a Berner thing. I go out for some short walks too now - there are lots of scary things around like little humans, aka children, some of them shout and then this week fireworks. I have just been outside now trying to get used to them. It is OK when the boss is with me. I am up to 15 kgs now that's up 6kgs in the last month. I do like my food, I get lots of different things and most of them I really like especially if it is human food, marshmallows, poppadoms, sausages and yesterday a small piece of Steak and Stilton pasty ! They don't let me have too much thought. Here are some of the latest snapshots.....

Love Luna

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  1. oh Miss Luna... you are going to be a beauty !! I knew it! keep being a good girl that you are- hugs, your american wanna be mummy