Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ticking along

Its an occupational hazard given the flora and fauna that surround the Dolyhir Clan that they pick up one of these horrid beasties from time to time. We are in the heart of sheep country, and heres a sheep tick just removed from poor Tasha. Theres a lot of squitter talked about the removal of these, old wives tales, fancy bits of kit to take them off or even the V E T and bills. Should you ever find one of these bloodsuckers having a feast on your K9 then all you need to do is gently rotate it ( the tick not the dog) for about a minute, it gets dizzy, lets go and tries to crawl away. You then pick it up, (the tick!) place it on a hard surface and hit it with a hammer, or similar. It makes a mess but a very satisfying popping sound, bit like that bubble wrap.

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