Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A letter from Mr Bo Jangles

Hi Folks. Me again Hope you're all well, sorry, we're a bit late with this weeks blog, it's been a busy weekend, walking, eating & sleeping, in fact it's been a busy fortnight.
 The weathers a bit of a let down but nevertheless rain, wind or shine I still like my walks.
We hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and break from work, another bank holiday next week, all these holidays I don't know how I can cope with this life of leisure.
Anyways, must get on, time for a sleep I think after my morning stroll, oh I've made a couple of new friends, Swans.
 I'm very gentle when I'm around them and they seem to like my company, well for a limited period.
 Got to go now, hope you all enjoy the week, don't work to hard, I'll Email you in a couple of weeks
 Look after yourselves, keep smiling
 Bo Jangles xx

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