Sunday, 13 April 2014

A letter from Mr Bo Jangles

Hi folks
We hope you're all well and that you enjoyed the warm weather today?
Well what a lovely day and a promising week ahead with the weather warming up, summers on the way.
 As you can see by my pose, We've been out walking in the forest this afternoon and I love running through the trees and bushes, what a sense of freedom, Great.
 I must say that I've had a good couple of weeks plenty of fussing, sleeping, eating and walking, Easters just around the corner so another public holiday coming up, how good is that. Kitchen fit out is just about finished and I can't wait for the peace, and a few days without workmen running around all the time.
As you will notice I'm still growing, I must weigh about 37kg's now, I'm bigger then most dogs my age but I'm very gentle with a good temperament and well behaved or so everyone tells me.
 Here's wishing you all a very pleasant Easter holiday, no doubt I'll send out another progress summary in a couple of weeks, during the interim I'll leave you all in peace.
 Keep smiling and look after yourselves
 Bo Jangles Xxxxxxxx

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