Monday, 19 December 2011

Catch up corner 3

Heres an update on the warrior who went north, Trojan, he was a massive pup, hence the name and Andy and Lisa have given him a lovely home that he has erm.... well.... done a spot of DIY to! Bless him.

Hope you are all well, just thought we would send some up to date pictures of Trojan and his destruction lol. Trojan has taken a liking to lino!!! He decided it would be fun to rip a huge hole in the the kitchen floor, we had new flooring put down just over a fornight ago then Trojan decided it might be fun to do it again!!!! Other than that he is doing really well very loving and has fitted in with the family brilliantly . We went to Rome for a long weekend last week and he went to stay with Andy's parents who own a pub, he had a great time entertaining the regulars, who were sorry to see him leave.
Hope you have a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year

Lisa and Andy

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