Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Poor lad

This is our top dog Rocky Saturday morning looking as handsome as ever and keeping an eye on the concrete for me. He looks a bit different now. The poor lad got into a very rare squabble over a bone with Reuben and got his ear bit Saturday night. Sunday he refused to come out from under the kitchen table but eventually allowed us to bath him and check him over, he had a cut inside his ear, the other was bruised but otherwise he seemed ok, just subdued. Monday he was clearly in some distress so we took him to the vet. They sedated him as a precaution, he being big, and so we left him with them. On collection the poor lad has had his whole head shaved, his ears shaved and he looks a right sorry state. The cut on his ear was infected so Vet decided best approach was a head shave. Rocky looks dreadfully sad and has taken to living under the kitchen table and avoiding mirrors. When we are over the trauma we might put a pic on the blog of the poor chap. A Berner with a skinhead is a sight to behold!


  1. Rocky, get well soon!!!! i am so sorry for your plight. i know how it feels to be out of sorts. you are still a berner-mentor for me! p.s. here is a link to my berner-blue tale, we boys have got to stick together. also, if you are injured during a "bone fight" you get special bones all day long until the hair grows back. let your pack leaders know- it's an american tradition! get well, jesse from america
    my shaved day

  2. Get well soon Rocky, don't worry even with a shaved head the girls will still fancy you! Love The Trudaleaze Riot Squad XXXXX

  3. Oh daddy, I hope you gave back as good as you got. Lots of TLC needed. Mummy took a first aid course so she would know what to do if I got hurt and has a very big first aid box filled with lots of bandages and medicines. I can't believe they shaved your head, hope you're getting lots of cuddles. Have 1 from me. X